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The Agriculture Infrastructure and Value Chain Development Project (AIVDP) is an agricultural production and value chain development project that mainly focuses on exploiting the agricultural sector to generate income and create jobs for the rural population particularly the youth and women.  The Project’s design is centered on developing the value chain of cocoa, oil palm, cassava and rice through improved production, processing/transformation techniques as well as efficient and organized marketing channels. It will also support the production of plantains, groundnut, potatoes and citrus. 

These diverse set of crops are intended to buffer the farmers from external shocks (climate and market related) and also enhance their nutritional security. To facilitate the transportation of farm inputs and produce, as well as a harmonious human development, significant support will also be accorded to the agricultural and social infrastructure. The project structure comprises of four technical components and a Project Management and Support component. Project activities will be carried out through various implementation partners, service providers and beneficiaries. 

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