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The aim of this component is to improve agricultural production and productivity through development of the following sub-components: 

Construction of irrigation network in 200 ha of arable land

This sub-component will focus on enhancing the efficiency and productivity of potatoes by installing piping irrigation system for about 200 ha of arable land in the Nkongle Agric Post area in the Lebialem Division. Through the irrigation infrastructure, farmers will be able to obtain about three crop cycles of potatoes (as against one presently).

Production and distribution of improved planting materials

This will involve the mobilization of farmer organizations (certified seed producers), IRAD, CCSP in the setting up of multiplication farms for the production of improved seed and other planting material through an outreach program to increase agricultural production and productivity of key crops. The main results of this activity will include the production and distribution of:

(i) 1 million oil palm chitted nuts

(ii) 6 million cassava cuttings

(iii) 3 million seedlings of cocoa

(iv) 73 tons of rice seed

(v) 600 tons of potato seed

(vi) 700,000 suckers of plantains

(vii) 120 tons of groundnut seeds

(viii) 21,000 citrus seedlings.

Meanwhile the distribution of these improved planting materials that will lead to increased production of the various crops will also cause a significant increase of farmer’s income. 

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Construction of Irrigation Network in 200ha of Arable Land in Nkongle Basin
Closing Date: 03 Dec 2021
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