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The objective of this component is to enhance farmers’ income through provision of rural infrastructure for effective value chain development. The following facilities will be created under this component: 

Construction/rehabilitation of rural roads

The objective of this sub-component is to improve on the inputs and outputs delivery system of agricultural production through the construction of 70 km and rehabilitation of 220 km of agricultural service roads, making a total of 290 km to link the agricultural production basins and villages to the main road corridors. This will also include the construction / rehabilitation of permanent bridges and culverts, site draining, protection of crossing zones etc.

Construction of market infrastructure 

The project will construct 30 rural markets, 30 farm gate market hangars and 2 warehouses for perishable foodstuff. Rural markets are the sales points for most agricultural products by farmers. Unfortunately the state of typical rural markets are make-shift structures, often very temporal, that offer no safety nor comfort and protection from weather conditions for both the farmers and their products. Post-harvest losses are therefore usually very high. The same situation, if not worse prevails at farm-gate collection points, where farmers congregate to wait for middle men and women (buyam- sellams) who buy directly from the farms. The construction of warehouses is envisaged for rice and potato storage. These crops require secure storage before transportation to the urban market centers. The construction of these infrastructures by AIVDP is therefore intended to improve on the market conditions so as to 
reduce post-harvest losses, improve market attendance and generate more income for farmers.

Construction and operationalization of agro-processing facilities for cocoa, palm oil, cassava and rice

The main focus shall be to improve on agricultural value chain by establishing 2 semi-industrial cocoa grinding units, provide and install 02 semi-industrial and 50 motorized oil palm press units and their accessories, provide 20 complete processing units and 300 mobile graters and presses for cassava, establish 2 rice hauling mills and put in place/support 100 farmers’ cooperative marketing unions to manage these equipment.

Enhance the rural savings and loans system

The aim of this sub-component is to assist the farmers by providing them with financial resources and technical assistance. The component will support the creation of a line of microfinance (US$ 3.5 million), establish 30 village banks, provide support to 55 existing village banks and strengthen the managerial and financial capacity of the existing village banks as well as the umbrella network organization of village banks (South West Association of Village Banks - SWAVIB). 


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