Agricultural Productivity Enhancement
Agricultural Productivity Enhancement

In efforts to improve agricultural production and productivity, the distribution of:

  • Six hundred eighty thousand four hundred (680,400) pre germinated chitted nuts 
  • Six million two hundred eighty two thousand sixty six (6,282,066) cassava cuttings
  • One hundred twenty five thousand five hundred thirty five (125,535 ) coco pods which gives a minimum of 3,138,375  cocoa seedlings)
  • Five thousand three hundred twelve (5,312 ) grafted cocoa seedlings
  • Seven hundred thirty eight thousand eight hundred seventy seven ( 738,877 ) plantain plantlets
  • Thirty one  thousand eight hundred ninety two (31,892) budded citrus
  • Over seventy (77.863) tons potato seeds
  • Eighty two (82 ) tons of improved rice seeds
  • Seventeen and a half (17.59) tons of groundnut seeds

has been distrbuted to a total of 5, 445  farmers and coopertives accross all nine Basins.