Agricultural Productivity Enhancement
Agricultural Productivity Enhancement

In efforts to improve agricultural production and productivity, the distribution of:

  • Five hundred seventeen thousand four hundred (517,400) pre germinated chitted nuts 
  • Five million eight hundred one thousand, five hundred sixty six (5,801,566) cassava cuttings
  • Seventy seven thousand eight hundred and sixty five (77,865 ) coco pods which gives a minimum of 1,946,625 cocoa seedlings)
  • Five thousand two hundred (5,200) budded cocoa seedlings
  • Five hundred thirteen thousand five hundred forty three ( 513,543 ) plantain plantlets
  • Twenty two thousand  seven hundred eighty nine (22,789 ) budded citrus
  • Fifty one and a half (51.5) tons potato seeds
  • Thirty two (32 ) tons of improved rice seeds
  • Four (4.4) tons of groundnut seeds

has taken place to farmers and coopertives accross all nine Basins.

For the 2022 farming season it is expected that:

  • four hundred and twenty five thousand (425, 000) pre germinated oil palm chitted nuts
  • two million seven hundred and ten thousand (2,710,000) cassava cuttings,
  • thirty seven thousand (37,000) cocoa pods
  • thirty four thousand (34,000) citrus seedlings
  • four hundred and thirty one thousand two hundred (431,200) plantain suckers/plantlets
  • thirty thousand two hundred and  fifty (30,250) rice seeds
  • sixty thousand (60,000) ground nut seeds and two hundred thousand (200,000) potato seeds

will be distributed to farmers at very highly subsidized prices.