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A New Lease on Life: The Kang Barombi Health Centre Transforms Lives
02 Feb

A New Lease on Life: The Kang Barombi Health Centre Transforms Lives

Young Clifford, has found himself in excruciating pain after a playful accident at school. A rock has become lodged inside his ear, causing distress and anguish. Without prompt action, Clifford could pick up an ear infection and even lose his hearing. His frantic mother, rushed him to the newly constructed Kang Barombi Health Centre. Within minutes of their arrival, the personnel at the health center spring into action. Equipped to handle such emergencies, they swiftly assess the situation and with skillful precision, they perform a procedure to remove the rock from Clifford's ear. Relief washes over the young boy and his grateful mother as they witnessed the remarkable care provided by the health center's staff. Without this facility, they would have been forced to travel to a distant hospital, enduring hours of waiting amidst a sea of patients.

Clifford's story serves as a poignant testament to the countless lives transformed by the presence of the Kang Barombi Health Centre. Women and children, like him and his mother, now have access to vital health services, including primary healthcare, vaccinations, maternal and child health services. Prior to the existence of this modern structure, they were compelled to rely on makeshift structures or endure grueling journeys to access even the most basic healthcare provisions. For women and children, these challenges were particularly daunting, often resulting in delayed or even neglected care.

Mr. Tala Joseph, the community leader, shares the arduous past, stating, "In the past, our people suffered greatly. During emergencies at late hours, we would go knocking on doors, desperately seeking means of transportation for the patient. The makeshift structure that existed before had no provisions for admitting the sick. We resorted to using plywood to create separate sections during those times."

Thankfully, this precarious situation has been dramatically altered by the construction of the state-of-the-art Kang Barombi Health Centre. Nestled amidst verdant landscapes, this beacon of hope now shines brightly within the heart of the small community. The Agriculture, Infrastructure and Value Chain Development Project (AIVDP) left no stone unturned in equipping the health center with cutting-edge facilities. Each of the 16 meticulously designed rooms within the center is dedicated to a specific service, ranging from administrative offices and maternity wards to specialized wards for male and female patients, VIP patients, mini theaters, restrooms, a pharmacy, and a fully equipped laboratory. Every facet of patient care has been painstakingly considered, from the provision of office furniture, work trolleys, and forceps, to the presence of brand-new delivery beds, mattresses, generators, and refrigerators.

Madam Bebong Florence, the chief of the Kang Barombi Health Centre, expresses profound gratitude for AIVDP's intervention, stating, "Previously, we had to borrow equipment from other health facilities and even bring in personal belongings just to adequately care for our patients. Now, with the help of up-to-date equipment, our ability to serve the population effectively has been greatly enhanced. This has resulted in a substantial increase in patient attendance and a remarkable improvement in the quality of care provided. Outdated facilities and equipment have been replaced, creating an environment that promotes both patient and healthcare worker comfort. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to AIVDP and its esteemed funders, the Lives and Livelihood Fund (LLF) and the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), for this life-changing assistance."

This health centre stands as a symbol of hope and transformation. Through the unwavering dedication of the AIVDP, this facility has become a lifeline for the community, providing essential healthcare services and changing lives for the better.

The Kang Barombi Health Centre is not an isolated case of AIVDP's dedication to improving healthcare in rural communities. The Project is set to construct and equip a total of 7 health centers in the South West Region. In addition to Kang Barombi, three other health centers have already been completed and equipped in Etam, Bachuo Akagbe, and Kembong. Works are currently underway for the construction of the remaining 3 health centers in Lipenja, Besali, and Ntale.

Albeit being primarily focused on agriculture and value chain development, the Lives and Livelihood Fund (LLF) multi-million dollar funded project, has allocated a portion of its resources to enhance basic social infrastructure and services within various communities in the South West Region. The primary goal of this endeavor is to improve access to fundamental social and public infrastructure and services, including water and sanitation, basic education, and basic healthcare. Simultaneously, the project maintains its overarching objective of contributing to inclusive growth by fostering increased agricultural production, productivity, and value chain development. This is accomplished through various means, such as augmenting the incomes of small-scale farmers and agricultural service providers, facilitating the establishment and growth of rural enterprises and institutions involved in crop value chains, and enhancing the operational and institutional capacity of smallholder farmers and cooperatives in executing rural development initiatives.