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Members Unite as AIVDP Hosts its 6th Project Steering Committee Meeting
Press Release
29 Mar
Members Unite as AIVDP Hosts its 6th Project Steering Committee Meeting.pdf

28th March 2023, Buea – Members of the Project Steering Committee gathered at Mountain Hotel for the 6th session, to review the level of implementation of resolutions and recommendations of the previous meeting, realizations of the Project to date and most especially, approving the 2023 Work Plan and Budget of the Agriculture Infrastructure Value Chain Development Project (AIVDP). The meeting, which was chaired by H.E Gabriele Mbaïrobe, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development saw the participation of H.E Bernard Okalia Bilai, Governor of South West Region, the Secretary General of MINADER Yaounde, Dr. Besong Ntui Ogork, Director General of the South West Development Authority (SOWEDA) as well as Directors from Government Ministries, Implementation Partners and the Project Management Team. 

In his opening address H.E Gabriel Mbaïrobi expressed his appreciation for activities undertaken by the Project in improving the quality of life for rural communities in the South West Region particularly in regards to business opportunities which newly constructed facilities, had presented. He later added that despite the level of execution, which stands at 45%, more actions should be taken to accommodate further realizations predominantly in the area of infrastructure.

‘This is a critical year given that in two years’ time the Project would have finished- meanwhile we still have many construction works to  carry out like the 290 km farm to market roads and 32 water schemes.’ - H.E Gabriele Mbaïrobe, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development


The highlight of the event surrounded the handing over of significant working materials and equipment, to the South West Association of Village Banks (SWAVIB) which would serve as the vehicle for rural financing to farmers in the South West Region.

‘We have a micro credit subcomponent and are about to start working with SWAVIB, so that farmers can mobilize credit in their own localities. SWAVIB was put in place by the RUMPI aera participatory development Project that was executed by SOWEDA years prior. Through that Project, we were able establish 55 village Banks and today we are going to support SWAVIB by establishing another 30,’ - Dr. Besong Ogork, Director General of SOWEDA


The equipment to be used as part of the implementation of the micro credit subcomponent consisted of, 2 pickup vehicles, 12 motorbikes, 30 safes, 75 desktops and 3 laptops. These items, as stated by the General Manager of the South West micro financing cooperative, Mr. Ashu Tanyi Thomas, would help SWAVIB ‘give an additional push when meeting rural populations across the South West Region.’


Following deliberation on the 2023 Workplan and Budget, the meeting concluded with the reading of resolutions and recommendations. The latter included the adoption of the Minutes of the 5th Project Steering Committee Meeting as well as the 2023 Workplan and Budget which presently stands at 17, 333,460,000 CFA.