Press Release
31 Mar
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After months of hard work and anticipation, AIVDP has solidified its presence in the South West Region with the completion of its Head Quarters located in Buea, Fako Division. On Tuesday March 30th, the reception of the newly constructed AIVDP Head Office, which is to house the Project’s staff, took place on its premises, to expand the SOWEDA Office Complex. The event was attended by SOWEDA’s Director of Administration and Finance, representing the Director General of SOWEDA, various representatives from delegations, the Director General from George and Jerry Construction and its staff, representatives from the design and supervision team IEA, as well as AIVDP’s Project Management Team.

The reception which commenced shortly before noon, began with an opening word from the Project’s Contract Engineer, welcoming participants to the event. Details in relation to the construction process of the grand structure were shared; the first phase commencing  in 2019 and the second phase commencing in May 2020 which concerned  electricity, plumbing works, painting, tiling and rehabilitation of the pre-existing German structures on the premises. Following the latter, participants were briefed on the the agenda for the afternoon.

‘‘Despite technical issues, the team was still able to do what was needed to catch up-thank you very much and I encourage others to do the same.’’      -Delegate Alfred Kati                                                                                                                                         

Guiding the crowd of inquisitive participants, the Contract Engineer led an inspection tour of the building. The tour of the  furnished 16 room and 8 bathroom structure, commenced on the ground floor where attendees perused the preliminary reception area, 1st conference room, central control room, four office spaces and four bathrooms. The crowd was then lead through pristinely tiled hallways and staircases, to the second floor, comprising an additional conference room, a waiting room, seven office spaces, four bathrooms and a regal balcony overlooking Governor’s hill-top ascend. In addition to the amenities listed, the Project building is equipped with security cameras, smoke detectors, as well as air conditioners in each office. 


Noticeably awe-struck by the upscale work undertaken, participants expressed admiration for a job well done as the tour took them to two outer renovated buildings on the premises. During the tour, it was relayed that one of the structures would be used as a canteen managed by the Project and SOWEDA staff, while the other would act as a workshop Centre and office space for field staff of the Project and interns.

‘‘What AIVDP has achieved, what it has realised- it has come to beautify the town of Buea. Nobody could imagine that such a building could come out of this little area. So we want to thank everybody, the contractors, the engineers- everybody, who had to do with this idea of this beautiful structure.’                     -Mr. Kange Elinge 

The final leg of the inspection tour, took participants to explore the storage facilities beneath the building, where various inputs would be housed. A review of the Minutes of the Technical Reception took place shortly after, where the inspections team unanimously concluded that the work had been executed in conformity to the technical execution. This marked the third technical reception where during the first two receptions, minor issues were identified and reviewed with actions executed to rectify them. With the technical reception pronounced, the final draft for the Provisional Reception for Phase 1 was read. Upon the close of the event the floor was open for final words on the reception in which several attendants shared sentiments of approval for the work executed.

 ‘‘I would like to congratulate George and Jerry and the Project, I think it’s a wonderful piece of work especially when you look at the time frame they used in accomplishing the work-it’s really an accomplishment. This is an example that we can execute things fast in the South west.'                                                   - Delegate Jackson Nyamanga


Practical Information:

- The Project will run for a period of 5 years

-1.5 million people are to benefit from the Project

- Our Office hours run from 8:00am- 17:00

-Our HQ is located between SOWEDA and BICEC before police Round - About


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