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01 Feb
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2021 marks the Agricultural Infrastructure and Value Chain Development Project’s (AIVDP) third year of project implementation. This year, the Second Ordinary Steering Committee, held on January 29th , took place at PESH Guest House Buea, where H.E Gabriel Mbairobe, Minister of Agriculture presided over the meeting. In attendance, were H.E Bernard Okalia Bilai, Governor of South West Region, Dr. Besong Ntui Ogork, who is the Director General of South West Development Authority (SOWEDA) and Project Coordinator of AIVDP, Representatives from Government Ministries, Implementation Partners and the Project Management Team.

The day commenced with a stopover at the Construction site of the soon-to-be- completed AIVDP office where the Minister was welcomed by AIVDP and RDARD staff. The Minister then proceeded to carry out an inspection visit of the construction work, led by AIVDP’s Infrastructure Engineer, Mr. Ashu Stephen. 

Visibly impressed with the progress of the Project, H.E Mbairobe shared words of encouragement and appreciation on the level of execution of the on - going Project  before proceeding to hand over 18 off road motorbikes to front line staff of the RDARD involved in Project implementation.

“The Value Chain Project is doing a lot for the farmers and the rural population. I am very satisfied with the quality of the work and the professionalism of all the staff’’

-H.E Gabriel Mbairobe

Upon arriving  at PESH to open the Steering Committee Meeting, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development continued to express his gratitude for the cordial welcome by the Governor of South West Region, the Director General of SOWEDA as well as Reverend Fonki who’s premises hosted the event. As H.E  Mbairobe addressed members, he reiterated his admiration for the ambitious project and declared to those present that coordination and collaboration would be key for its success. Participants were also reminded of the necessity of accomplishing outputs as displayed in the Logical Framework which include, reduction of poverty, creation of 10,000 jobs, increased access to rural infrastructure, and capacity building of local farmers in rural areas involved in cocoa, cassava, oil palm, rice, plantain, citrus, ground nut and potatoes.

“I’d like to reemphasize the importance of this project in the South West Region in boosting agriculture production and competitiveness of key agricultural products.”

-H.E Gabriel Mbairobe 

Members of the Project Steering Committee and technical partners of AIVDP listened intently to the presentation and subsequent deliberations surrounding the 2021 Work Plan and Budget in addition to the Manual of Procedures. With regards to the Resolutions, Dr. Besong Ogork confirmed the success of the meeting through the validation of the three documents which are to serve as working instruments in the Project’s orientation. Citing the rehabilitation and construction of rural roads, rural markets, roadside farm gate hangars, water schemes, health centres and community empowerment centres as AIVDP’s 2021 top priorities, the Director General of SOWEDA relayed words of determination for the direction and execution of the Project as conditions in the region continue to fluctuate.

“This is an agricultural infrastructure and value chain Project. So, even the infrastructures to be constructed are infrastructures that are directed at agricultural development. We hope that we will have the right conditions that will enable us to execute the Project to its fullest.’’ 

-Dr. Besong Ntui Ogork



Practical Information:

- The Project will run for a period of 5 years

-1.5 million people are to benefit from the Project

- Our Office hours run from 8:00am- 17:00

- Our HQ is located between SOWEDA premises and BICEC  (before police Round) 


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