Press Release
16 Dec
AIVDP closing 2021 with 4th Ordinary Steering Committee .pdf

Taking place at Mountain Hotel on 14th of December, AIVDP hosted its 4th Steering Committee Meeting. The meeting which was presided by H.E Gabriele Mbaïrobe, was attended by H.E Bernard Okalia Bilai, Governor of South West Region, Lord Mayor of Buea, David Mafani Namange, Dr. Besong Ntui Ogork, Director General of South West Development Authority (SOWEDA) and Project Coordinator of AIVDP, in addition to Representatives from Government Ministries, Implementation Partners and the Project Management Team.

In his opening speech, H.E Gabriele Mbaïrobe recapped the significance for members of the Project Steering Committee to meet regularly as a means of staying informed on the Project’s progress as well as providing the Project implementation team with the required guidance for efficient management of the Project. He also reminded those in attendance of the day’s objective; to ‘evaluate the 2021 activities plan and budget and to review the 2022 work plan and budget’ in ensuring cohesion between targets and financial resources. 

‘Committee Members are to appreciate the level of execution toward the obtainment of Project objectives, and formulate recommendations and corrective measures to the Project Implementation Team with the understanding that the project is being executed under socio political conditions never before experience in this region.’

-H.E Gabriel Mbaïrobe

Members of AIVDP’s management team were invited to present realisations of the year 2021 beginning with the Summary Report of AIVDP’s activities. The report, which covered the Project’s objectives, included accomplishments per component. Notable accomplishments addressed, were the construction of rural infrastructures, distribution of planting materials, creation of management committees and execution of workshops. Despite concerns in relation to the quantity of seed distribution attributed to low seed production, H.E Gabriele Mbaïrobe continued to express satisfaction with the work AIVDP had accomplished particularly in the construction of infrastructures. He equally looked forward to 2022, a year where more funds would be available to aid in the implementation of key activities. 

‘We are looking forward to mobilizing some resources which will permit the project to achieve all the activities and to have the support of the population of the farmers involved in Project activities. The technical supervisory team will do its job to make all counterpart funds available.' 

-H.E Gabriel Mbaïrobe

Dr. Besong Ntui Ogork, shed more light on the level of execution of the Project by reiterating that despite the level of disbursement, which currently stands at 11.4%, the team was able to overcome challenges for the realization of substantial activities. These activities included the execution of workshops in addition to the construction of health centres and some market infrastructure. The Director General also clarified that 2022 would see the construction of further vital structures such as semi industrial processing units and roads, which are due to elevate the current disbursement rate.

‘The main cost items are coming in 2022 and when the budget for 2022 is validated and executed, we’re certain that significant disbursement will be done in in the upcoming year.’’’

-Dr. Besong Ntui Ogork

The presentation of the budget follow up for 2021 in addition to that of 2022 were followed by plenary sessions where members and  implementation partners delivered inputs and recommendations regarding items addressed earlier in presentations. The meeting concluded with the reading of resolutions and recommendations on the 2022 budget, which had been adopted by the committee for a total sum of 14,492, 933,000 CFA. The sum would contribute towards the construction of roads, various infrastructures and equipment in addition to activities that will aid in the execution of the Project.